Host Hey, did you know the entire earth stopped rotating on it's axis the moment the LA county sherrif began it's search of Michael Jackson's estate?

Yup. Nothing of any interest happened at all on Thursday or Friday.

Nope, those two wars we're fightin'? Everyone just sort of stopped fighting in order to watch the plane taxi into the hanger at that California airport.

Yes indeed, it shore is nice that there wasn't anything else on which to report.

Actually, we live only about a mile from the private airport in Henderson where Michael landed after making bail in California. And on the way home on Thursday I saw four helicopters hovering over that area. It was somewhat evil looking.

And that damn Michael Jackson is at the stupid casino where I wanted to take my kids to see Elf. And we were gonna eat at the really yummy buffet so Domenic could eat crab legs. But I don't think that'll happen now.

In other news, we got tickets to see the Return of the King at the Arclight Cinema in Los Angeles in December. To do this I had to stay up past midnight so I could obtain the tickets the minute they went on sale. Michael was at work.

So I skipped the gym and went home and took a nap.

It was well worth it.

And I just watched ER and man alive, I am mad. I cannot, will not, believe that they killed off Paul McCrane's Dr. Romano who was clearly the best charecter on that show. And a hottie. Don't ask me why. I know he defies all rules of Hottie-Ness but there it is. I'd like to rub his little bald head.

I love Paul McCrane. Just once I would love for him to sing "Is It Okay if I Call You Mine?" to me. Swoon.

Also, I am way over The Cat in the Hat already. I don't even want to see it. Mike Meyer's has butched the Cat in the Hat. I think I hear Dr. Seuss spinning in his grave.

I am going to bed.